WQSi - Capabilities
Stream Repair and Relocation
Wetland Repair and Installation
Stream and River Bank Stabilization
Low-head Dam Removal
Mechanical and Hydraulic Dredging
PCB, Metals, Fixed Radiation Extraction and Decontamination
Monitoring Well Installation/Injections Well Installation/Well Abandonment
Direct Push/Geoprobe Services
Site Development (Earthwork & Underground Utilities)
Landfill Construction
Landfill Cap and Closure
Landfill Cap Operations and Maintenance
Leachate Collection / Treatment Systems
Interceptor Trench / Cut-off Walls
Groundwater Recovery and Treatment Systems
Bio Remediation / Venting
Soil Vapor Extraction / Air Sparging
Land Farming (ex-situ bio remediation)
Facility Decontamination / Demolition
Conventional Hazardous Waste Excavation and Disposal
Underground / Aboveground Storage Tank Removal
Lead Contaminated Soil Sabilization and Removal
Company Capabilities
Streams and Wetlands
Environmental Remediation
Military Fuel Systems
Drilling and Direct Push
Landfill Construction
Perimeter Security Barriers
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Decontamination and Demolition