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Decontamination and Demolition

Decontamination and demolition (D&D) activities are a specialty of WQSi. We have successfully performed D&D for the Department of Energy (DOE) facilities at Miamisburg Mound (radiological, hazardous, mixed waste, PCBs, and Chlorinated Solvents) and Weldon Springs (radiological waste.  Some of our recent projects include the D&D of the Ironton Iron and Metals (25 acre factory riddled with PCBs, Chlorinated Solvents, Lead, and Asbestos) and the Hamilton Aeronca Factory (10 acre factory with PCB, Chlorinated Solvents, Lead, Asbestos, and Universal Waste). Other D&D activities include the sampling, cleaning, and repairing of all the Oil Water Separators at Wright Patterson AFB for the past 15 years.


WQSi is proficient at handling hazardous D&D situations, such as extraction and clean-up of hazardous waste, chemicals, and fuel oil.  WQSi owns all of our D&D equipment including, track hoes, shears, portable concrete crusher, grapplers, thumbs, and a concrete processer, as well as the support equipment such as dozers, dump trucks, back hoes,  track and wheeled loaders, and many other miscellaneous equipment.


Specific for the radiation and heavy metals removal, we are an applicator for DeconGel.  DeconGel is extremely versatile and removes fixed contamination from virtually any surface such as concrete, steel, painted or unpainted wood, aluminum, Plexiglas, tile and grout, linoleum and much more.

DeconGel is a proven, tough, professional, military-grade, safe to use and handle, water soluble, and environmentally friendly product for extreme, hard-to-clean contamination remediation challenges for any industry. It is exceptionally effective against radioactive isotopes but has the strength to pull off any job from radioactive isotopes for nuclear plant decommissioning and nuclear medicine spills, to toxic industrial chemicals and materials such as mercury, PCB, acids, lead, asbestos, and methamphetamines. DeconGel is effective, has outstanding efficacy, and can save time and money through reduced labor, waste disposal needs and EPA reporting requirements.