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Decontamination and Demolition
Our Geoprobe® and AMS rigs are the most powerful in the environmental drilling industry. Probes are mounted on a variety of 2 ton dual  four wheel drive, tracked, and limited access vehicles. All rigs are equipped to push soil and groundwater sampling probes, collect water samples using on-board peristaltic pumps, and set monitoring wells. In optimal subsurface conditions, probes have reached depths in excess of 150 feet.
We also have a standard Acker Hollow Stem Auger Rig capable of drilling environmental wells up to 6" diameter.  This rig can also be used for well abandonment.
Using a variety of methods, depending on soil conditions, WQSi can inject, anything into the subsurface for remediation.  We have engineers on staff to help determine the best method for injection.